Centralise your acquisition network

A.V.I.L® is a generic software platform composed of various tools focused on the acquisition, processing, restitution, dissemination, analysis and monitoring of instrumentation data. The central A.V.I.L®Server application also has management of the equipment fleet (particularly metrological) as well as the possibility of material actions according to multiple criteria.

All your measures in just a look

Monitor all your measure network from any types of device as configurable synoptics with your own images and icons. Display your data through diagrams or slideshows. Automatic or manual updates for a real-time monitoring

Optimize the treatment of your data

Choose how to cast your data through many protocols, connexion types and file types. Export your data into multiple data formats or directly into your database according to different treatment methodologies. Alarm management as SMS or e-mails

Multiple supports for a better flexibility

We suggest to install our own turnkey computer rack for the most possible optimised use. However, it's possible to just install A.V.I.L®Server in a simple computer or an already existing server. The major part of the A.V.I.L® suit can be used without internet connexion.

A.V.I.L® Server

A.V.I.L®Server is the main application, installed in a computer bay for hardware management or on a simple PC.

A.V.I.L® Client

A.V.I.L®Client is a light version of A.V.I.L® Server with the difference that it does not interact with the hardware environment.

A.V.I.L® Viewer

A.V.I.L®Viewver is a configurable synoptic monitoring tool. Monitor your measurement network from a giant screen in the control room.

A.V.I.L® Sphone

A.V.I.L®SPhone: Monitor your measurement network from your iOS or Android smartphone.

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