A.V.I.L® viewer

  • Slide show creation: Configuration of a “context” which will be the subject of a slide. A context is represented by:
  • Import of images / synoptics / maps in order to create the wallpapers.
  • Import of icons (they will be the witness of a position and a “theme”: selection of measurement unit).
  • Devices accompanied by their Channels by dragging and dropping on the current screen.
  • Downloads the data made available by A.V.I.L®Server from an FTP server.
  • Autonomous operation from the Internet or in a local network on a simple Windows PC.
  • Configuration of the fonts, colors, zoom, position, information to display for a channel.
  • Display of devices and channels in alarms.
  • Multigraph display of all channels on double click of a device.
  • Automatic / semi-automatic and manual update of the application.
  • Used for real-time monitoring, the latest values are always displayed on the screen.

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