A.V.I.L® Server

  • Generic concept task manager, whose role is in particular to acquire / process / distribute files.
  • Launch of external applications in the acquisition, distribution and calculation phase (forecasts).
  • Optimization of data acquisition and dissemination, through multiple connection means, protocols and file formats.
  • Power management of physical communication vectors.
  • Automatic recognition of acquired files (Detection and creation of Equipment, Devices, Channels, unit of measure, etc.).
  • Automatic server time setting and time zone management. (Several A.V.I.L® “Server or Client” distributed in different time zones can exchange data for analysis of planetary phenomena.
  • Operator management on 5 authorization levels.
  • Import of data in different formats.
  • Data export in different formats, following different combined methodologies; cyclic / periodic / automatic (real time) / manual. Synchronized content export, statistics, compression, checksum, indexing, etc …
  • Export in the form of configurable accounts within the framework of a targeted distribution to different recipients. (In particular distribution to all A.V.I.L® applications).
  • Triple data zone (Raw / Critical / Consolidated), concept of out-of-range data and concept of multiple forecasts for each data series.
  • Programming of graphic configurations by simple drag / drop.
  • Detailed traces of the operation of the application (Event, database access and query, transmission protocol, alarms, Com vector, etc.).
  • Visual surveillance (monitoring) on synoptic programmed by the operator with slide show. (This integrated tool is also the subject of an independent application: A.V.I.L® Viewver).
  • Management of Mail and SMS type alarms to be programmed individually on each channel according to multiple criteria and recipients.
  • Equipment management compatible with SNMP protocol. Integrates a generic TRAP server allowing in particular alarm broadcasting (UPS, generator, etc…).
  • Database management (Automatic incremental and compressed backup on different media with restoration.
  • Integration of a formula manager allowing the generation of calculated virtual sensors with an automated hierarchy of calculations (Calculation from calculated virtual sensors).
  • Navigation tree (with search module) on all the components of the measurement network, separated into 2 zones (Acquisition and Virtual Zone, the operator designing their own work tree).
  • Management of icons to be associated with the various elements constituting the navigation tree between Equipment, Devices, Channels.
  • Module for analyzing GSM and Satellite communication vectors (BGAN Explorer terminals).
  • Integrated metrological park manager.
  • Synthesis alarm programming allowing in particular material actions.
  • Works with the MySQL DBMS.

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